Sling Poet

Okay, can I write a poem once a week? Once EVERY week? Out of nothing? Can I trust my intuition? or hold onto an idea long enough to write? Will It Be Good? CAN it be good? But most importantly: Can I do it?

Location: Northwest Indiana, United States

01 January 2006

Finished Business

She finally received the booklets I ordered for her.
I had some on hand, but couldn’t give them personally
(nothing to draw me up, a lot to keep me away
and a friend I forgot to buy a birthday gift for)
so instead she got a box with a greeting of sorts inside.
Sucks, I know; but at least I got something to her.

I still have her name in my cell phone, by the way.
Not to call her, mind you, but to warn me of her–
I once erased her name from my cell phone directory
and I answered a call from her two days later, unaware.
Took two weeks to recover from that; next time she calls
I’ll spot her name on the cell and avoid the temptation.


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